About our Pigs


What are pasture raised pigs?

Our pigs are raised on pasture, all year round. They have a covered open barn to take shelter in, and trees to provide shade and a slough to wallow in. They are generally really happy pigs. How do I know our pigs are happy? Well their tails are curly. I know that this may just be an old wives tale, but when you see them running and playing in the pasture, and coming over for a scratch when it is feeding time, you cannot help but to think that they are happy.


Why does it matter if they have happy lives?

I am a omnivore, probably just like you. I like meat. In order to eat meat, animals need to go to slaughter. That does not mean that I approve of seeing animals kept in confined spaces, mistreated and unhappy.   When I was a little girl we had a few cattle for beef. We raised them from calves and when it was the first time for them to go for slaughter, I was very sad. My dad explained it to me this way… ‘we gave those animals a good life, we fed them, gave them shelter, treated them well, and made them happy, in return, they will provide us with food in our freezer.’ It did not really make a difference to me as an 8 year old girl, but those words stuck with me, and that is what I tell my children. Just because we intend to eat them, it does not mean that they should ever be treated cruelly, or housed in cramped, dirty and confined spaces. It still makes me sad to see my piggies go to market, but I know that I have given them a better life than many other pigs have. That means a lot to me and my family.

What are Heritage pigs?

Heritage pigs are a bit different than your regular run of the mill market pigs,. They do not grow to market weight as fast and they are bred to be outdoors in cold climates. Their meat is darker, they have more fat marbling, and they taste much better. Because they are pasture raised, they get to actually move around and use their muscles and forage for all kinds of tasty morsels. They get to graze on grasses, take a swim in the slough and in general play and be happy pigs. Happy piggies make yummy pork.